2010 Finswimming competitions

2010 Finswimming Competitions in ASIA

countryEVENTDatePlaceKOREAThe 18th National Student's Finswimming Championships3.20 ~ 21Seoul CityThe 9th National Finswimming Competition for the cup of Admiral Lee5. 1 ~  2Asan CityThe 21th National Finswimming Championships6.26 ~ 27Misari boat race stadiumThe 34th National U/W Games7.24 ~ 25Koje-do, gujoraThe 5th National Ocean Sports Festival7. 25Pohang, Gyeong-bukThe 22th National Finswimming championships for all Categories8. 22 ~ 23Chanwon, Gyeong-namThe 91th National Sports Festival10. 6 ~ 12Chanwon, Gyeong-namThe 14th National Finswimming Championships for the President's Flag11. 6 ~ 7not confirmedHongKongThe 14th HK International Long Distance Finswimming Competition7. 31 ~ 8. 2HongKongTaiwanThe 12th Asia Finswimming Championships11. 19 ~ 24Kaohsiung

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