About Asian Underwater federation

   Asia federation diving (AUF) is under the leadership of the world federation of diving (CMAS) scuba diving in the non-profit organization.

   AUF Asia federation diving set framework is the purpose of promoting CMAS diving in Asia, and fin swimming championships held in Asia, underwater photography championship, underwater directional cross-country race、series of sports and CMAS series of training courses.  

  In recent years, under the leadership of the new chairman, Mr. Shibo, AUF has approved the establishment of the only undergraduate diving education University in Asia, the Asian Diving Institute. At the same time, Mr. Shibo organized industry experts to work on AUF's training programs, teaching materials, websites, and online certification systems at all levels. It is believed that the AUF, under the leadership of President Shibo, will surely lead the diving business in Asia to a new and better tomorrow.

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